MOBILE FRIENDLY - It’s important your website meets the needs of all customers - whether they use a phone, tablet or computer. Google will not place websites on the front page that are NOT mobile friendly. All of the sites we build surpass Google’s requirements.


SEO - The best way to achieve front page landing is to follow the guidelines that Google provides. We have all info you need to ensure your site appears on top.




IN our fast-paced world customers are becoming more adept at screening out traditional marketing. Social media platforms open up opportunity for engaging with existing and potential clients, but simply setting up a Facebook or Linkedin page isn’t going to cut the mustard. Having a planned and active approach is key, this is where we come in.

CLOUD computing is quickly gaining in popularity for both large and small businesses. There are countless apps out there that help with keeping your business in and online. We recommend using drive based storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Creative Cloud.

COLLABORATION - working with your team remotely has never been easier. With tools like GSuite and Slack you can work alongside your team and comment and edit each other’s work. Be sure that everyone is on the same software as crossing wires with competing software can produce unwanted results.


SIMPLICITY is key. Avoid busy logos with background images. Your logo and branding message should be legible on all mediums. Use the same colour palette and fonts on all your material; letterheads, business cards, advertising, website and brochures.